We are proud to offer RedLine Garagegear durable Garage cabinetry and organizational systems.

Visit our showroom to see GarageGear for yourself and interact with the variety of options available for your garage.

This Royal Blue garage set features a variety of options for someone who does woodworking or mechanic work for pleasure or necessity. The far left cabinet pulls out with storage for a variety of nut bolts, screws and nails. The drawers in the center offer great storage for tools. The full extensions slides allow the user to see all the way to the back of the drawer at first glance. On the right there is a file drawer for manuals and paperwork as well as a trash can rollout.

This set shows the full height cabinet options which could be used for winter coats and ski gear. The bottom cabinets can be configured with full height doors for taller items or with a drawer at the top more like what is traditionally used in a kitchen. The slatwall on the wall allows for addtional storage of frequently used tools.

GarageGear is custom-designed because each garage is unique in its size and the items to be stored are completely unique to each family. Here we were able to incorporate an already existing gun locker as well as working around the windows to create a beautiful storage space. Note the cabinets are wall hung so any moisture from rain or snow that comes off the car does not affect the cabinets.

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